Thursday 30 April 2009

Why Eat Raw Food: Rex's Curezone Post


I want to start a series of posts on Raw Food in this blog for a reason.

Last year, one of my closer friends died of pancreatic cancer. She was overweight and diabetic, she did not want to seriously diet, and she kept shifting physicians and medical centers. She did not want to do EFT. You can't force people. When her last physician put her on insulin shots, for an unknown reason he did not check on the state of her pancreas. 8 months later she was diagnosed with metastased pancreatic cancer. Then in 3 months she passed away.

Six years ago, I had found a series of posts in the CUREZONE forums, from a man who cured his wife's cancer by completely changing the family's lifestyle and food habits.

I have to publish this article here. I just can't let it sit in my backfiles CD. I hope the CUREZONE people won't say it's plagiarism. I say it is a lifebuoy sent out to people who may need the information. Those facts should not stay hidden.

Here it is. From the CUREZONE FORUMS page:
The message comes in 2 posts.

This man writes under the loginname "Rex":

"One year ago, last April 2000, my wife age 42, was suffering with hip and groin pain, pains that brought her to tears during the night.

"After going to the doctor and receiving muscle relaxing drugs and mild pain killers, there was no change. It was thought that she was suffering from arthritis or early osteoporosis. She is a teacher of twenty years and before returning for the 2000-2001 school year, I insisted she have a complete physical. This was late August of 2000.

"After a mammogram they discovered a lump in her left breast less than one inch in diameter. A subsequent needle biopsy confirmed our worse fears, malignant Breast Cancer. No lymph nodes were swollen but it was recommended that a mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation be performed.

September 13th, I will never forget that date, as I spent the entire night on the Internet researching cancer. I found sites concerning raw and living foods, laetrile, gerson therapy, Hulda Clark, Johanna Budwig, Flax seed, household toxins, Rife technology, Zappers, Syncronometers, CoQ-10, MSN, MGN, and last but not least "life style changes".

"September 15th we engaged. Cleaned house, tossed all meats, dairy, banished processed foods, went raw, and no white poisons. I put my credit card to use on the internet and purchased numerous cancer modalities.

"We still did not feel safe. We sought second opinions, first a private oncologist that came very highly recommended, and secondly the University of Nebraska at Omaha. We were given the same recommendations. At this point we felt she had a very good chance for curbing the spread of the cancer, but she was still suffering immensely from pain in her hips, lower back, and groin.

"As a prerequisite of surgery, she was required to have a MRI and bone scan. We did that locally and to our total dismay, it was revealed to us that she had cancer in her bones. Not just a single bone, but throughout her skeleton. Her knees, hips, ileum, sternum, ribs, spine, essentially everything except her skull. A bone marrow sample was performed and confirmed the worst possible scenario, metastasized breast cancer to the bone, stage four.

"Date October 5th. I had, as a precaution, already made an appointment at Mayo Clinic, Rochester Minnesota, for what I though was going to be another of our second/second opinions concerning the lump and hence, called and confirmed. We packed for a three to four week stay, as instructed by Mayo, thinking there would be clinical studies or a modality that would give us hope.

"We arrived on a Monday, first appointment Tuesday at 6:45 AM and continued through the day with numerous exams including stereoscopic x-rays etc. At 5:30 P.M., the same day, we met with three specialists who had reviewed our tests.

"The verdict: get your affairs in order. Upon pressuring the lead specialist for a professional prognosis he stated, "You will be on morphine by January". Upon further prodding for the time involved, i.e. "How much time do we have" he said, "Two months to possibly a year".

"I asked the specialist, "How in the world can you call this breast cancer when she has been hurting in her hips since last April and the minute lump was found in September?". He must of realized how stern I was for answers as his reply was," Let me tell you how we developed nomenclature for cancers. The first cancer that is found is biopsied under a light microscope and a picture of the cell structure is sketched. Any subsequent cancers that appear are biopsied and if the cell structure is similar they are classified as a metastasized form of the primary cancer".

"I thought, what bunk, as I wanted proof as in nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry, cell studies, DNA analysis, or anything other than a non-artists rendition of cell shape.

"We headed back to Nebraska the next day in total shock. I was numb and hardly remember the trip. I did however remember one statement concerning the stereoscopic x-rays.

"The X-ray specialist said there appears to be healing sites in the ribs and sternum. I asked how he differentiated these from active cancer sites and he replied, "They appear as if osteoporosis has set in which is different than active cancer sites". This was the ray of hope that I believe got us back home.

"After arriving home I could not get the words "healing sites" out of my mind. We had made a drastic dietary\environmental change just 20 days prior to the Mayo visit and I knew something was happening.

"Let me explain, this was nothing intuitive or spiritual but just plain apparent, as I had lost 18 lbs with the diet change. Not only the weight loss confirmed my hypothesis, but the total digestive health I was now experiencing was nothing less than phenomenal.

"I was a 6-8 pill-a-day Xyantac user prior to the diet change, and now was acid reflux free! I could go on with details concerning our nutritional\life style changes but feel I have said enough tonight. This is a long posting and I apologize for my rambling. As this is my first posting to any newsgroup, I would appreciate responses. Thank you Deb (dear Sis) for breaking me out."


"PS My wife is more alive than ever, teaching, loving, mothering, and celebrating life!"

Rex continues:

"With the words "healing sites" fresh in my mind and the drastic improvement in my own health, I was fueled to journal and do more research. After studying the various regimes I concluded:

"1. Cancer could be caused by environmental poisons, parasites\parasitic residues, nutritional deficiencies, or stress related issues.

"2. A proactive approach has to be taken to contradict these causatives.

"3. The immune system has to be strengthened and the elimination system has to be in top working order.

"What is necessary to strengthen the immune system:

"1. Foods that have life energy, i.e. are alive.
If you can't plant them in soil, put them in water, or take cuttings from them, and they grow, they are dead. There are life energies we do not yet understand.

"2. Minerals and micronutrients. We all know how our soil has been mined and that essential nutrients are missing from our diet.

"What did we first do:

"1. Clean the bowel:

"***a: herbal fiberblend by AIM daily to this day.

"***b: Hulda Clark Bowel Cleanse, wormwood-cloves-Indian rhubarb every three weeks and still going

"2. Clean the kidneys:

"***a: watermelon and water flush-every three weeks and still going.

"3. Clean the liver:

"***a: Hulda Clark Epson salts-olive oil-pink grapefruit every three weeks and still going.

"4. Bought products from Mannitec (ambrotose-phytoaloe-plus), AIM(barleygreen-herbal fiberblend), bought a Champion juicer, 8X8oz carrot juice with 1 tblsp. Barley Green daily, make Essiac Tea (Deb, my Sis does this for us), started B17 laetrile and raw apricot seeds, started shark cartilage, started mgm3, started MSM, bought ozone generator, bought 15% hydrogen peroxide for baths, organic aloe Vera juice, rubbed DMSO on bad cancer spots, isoflavones, SPES, tons of COQ-10, B6, B2, Pancreatic Enzymes, coral calcium, Sea Salt( ), and flax seed oil with cottage cheese.

"5. Bought a Zapper and Syncrometer… Zap twice daily.

"6. Made her quit her teaching job of 19 years and tried to remove all stress from her life. Kept her smiling and laughing with the help of my two sisters and brother. (My comment: they did not know about EFT, which would had been extremely helpful here).

"7. Bought Qui gong tapes, bought Dr. Day tapes, bought positive reinforcement tapes, use aromatherapy, sunshine treatments, and pure water.

"8. Use oxy-drops and hydrogen peroxide baths to build O2 levels, hyper-thermia in our hot-tub 102 degrees...

"9. Coffee enemas ( ) every morning… no exception.

"10. And…. visualize the cancer being defeated, see it dying, laying on of hands, spiritual knowing, expecting a miracle. You are what you think you are.

"All of the above we still continue today.
"I will post more details as time allows."




Thank you Rex for all this information. All the people out there who managed to heal a cancer with non-official methods should report somewhere on the internet, to share info and give other people hope.

Dear reader, if this is your case, feel free to report here.


You can't fight cancer with nice words and hopes. You fight it with an active mindset, actively taking action and moving on from a passive lifestyle that makes you accept everything that's handed to you by the culture your'e in, junkfood, pollution, etc., to an active choice of many healthier - although not really easy - solutions.

This is not the easy-going lifestyle.
I can see that the REX people did not cling to only one healing solution - like only rawfood and going to a rawfood clinic, or only Dr Hulda Clark's methods... - they took several. They listened to all of the healthy advice they were given here and there and they applied it right away.

When I compare with my friend's mindset, I cannot help thinking she did not want to live...
What if her soul wanted go...? Then it was useless telling her about healthy diet and energy therapy...

New solutions for cancer are appearing here and there in the world. Sometimes, I may report on them in this blog.

I have to heal the loss of this friend of mine...