Wednesday 15 April 2009

Clearing our body of past experiences

Tap on experiences that are stuck in parts of your body

Gary Craig writes:

"We find with great frequency that unresolved negative emotions and experiences show up in the body as pains or diseases. Once these are truly resolved with EFT, however, the physical symptoms often subside. Sudesh Shetty from India gives us some pointers along these lines."

By Sudesh Shetty:

"The saddest part about negative emotions like fears, anxieties, guilt, anger, suppression is that you are not even aware that they exist and are gnawing away at your body. When I stumbled upon EFT, I found a way of releasing hidden negativities which otherwise would taken a long time for me to discover.

"Using this technique I could release fears and anxiety stored in my scalp, knees and various parts of my body. The body is willing to cooperate. It wants to heal. It wants to release. All we have to do is facilitate this healing process. We like to measure what was there (issue) and what's not there now (healing) to convince ourselves that a technique/therapy works. Why wait before something becomes a problem for you? Why not use EFT to keep your system clean always?

"There are countless experiences that happen to you all the time... (...)