Monday 13 April 2009

How to get rid of phobias with EFT

Healing an Intense Fear of Tunnels in Norway

Gary Craigs' comment:
"In this well written article, join Ellen Dyb Wedeld as she overcomes her intense fear of tunnels by driving through some of the longest tunnels in Norway. This an excellent article for EFT students as it is a very complicated case and addresses many aspects. It also involves recognizing the "fear of the fear" which is an important concept to recognize when delivering EFT."

By Ellen Dyb Wedeld:

"Dear EFT’rs everywhere,I am a devoted student of EFT, and I’m very much looking forward to opening up my practice within a year. Meanwhile I use EFT on myself, and anyone who’ll let me, and have experienced so many one minute wonders, that I sometimes have to remind myself of the value of persistence!

"I have learned so much from the case histories on the EFT newsletter list, and I hope my contribution will be useful.

"I have suffered from tunnel-phobia for the past few years, progressively getting worse and culminating in a terrible panic-attack 2 years ago. And more tunnels for me. The phobia wasA mixture of agoraphobia, claustrophobia, and the remains of a major depression+anxiety and panic disorder (long gone now, luckily!!!)

"What motivated me to REALLY work on it... "