Wednesday 15 April 2009

Clearing a case of itchy eyes

Solid detective work helps EFT clear a long term case of itchy eyes (conjunctivitis)

"Hi Everyone,
"Tim Watts from London shows us how resolving an emotional issue (a specific event) completely resolves a 6 year case of itchy eyes. Hugs, Gary"

By Tim Watts:

"I absolutely love receiving the EFT Newsletter, there's so much to learn, and its teachings propel me to want to do more and more and more with EFT.

"Having realized that (for the moment) I am "meant" to be practicing EFT, like a sponge I lap up every last bit of info on your newsletters, I get so much hope each time I read and reread the articles and suggestions.

"I wanted to share with you a case where I was working with Annette (not her real name). Annette had been suffering from a long lasting "itchy eye" feeling that had been with her for over 6 years. Her eyes itched like crazy, especially first thing in the morning, and despite her doctor's best efforts it just would not seem to clear up. It made her angry and depressed at times. Nothing seemed to work.

"I said EFT still may not completely clear up the soreness but was definitely worth a shot on seeing if we could reduce the discomfort. We began the session with... (...)


Reading those articles in Gary Craig's website is extremely helpful for someone who wants to learn EFT. You often get the full series of tapping statements and reframes used by the EFT practitioner to reach complete success. Seasoned practitioners and lay-persons as well give their best advice and original practice tips, which you can use for yourself.

"Itchy eyes" most often are related to the person's need to cry, which is being strongly hidden and suppressed... and can be put in perspective with REJECTION and ABANDONMENT issues that could have been forgotten.
Carna Zacharias-Miller has thoroughly studied this problem. Whether or not one parent was missing or there was abuse and lack of emotional support for the child, it is greatly beneficial to check the various issues related to that, with her manual:

"The Missing Mother Handbook":
How To Heal Childhood Abandonment And Rejection With Eft.

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