Wednesday 15 April 2009

One Minute Wonder with EFT

Carpal Tunnel "one minute wonder"

Gary Craig writes:

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is usually treated with everything from wrist braces to surgery. With EFT, however, it often vanishes in short order using nothing but a few taps. Carole Gledhill from England validates this by sharing this case wherein her client went from extreme pain down to nothing with one round of tapping. Note that she handles an important emotional issue first.
Hugs, Gary"

By Carole Gledhill:

"I have been tapping my friends and myself for about a year now with lots of surprises and wonderful exciting experiences. Recently a friend came to me describing herself as being a mess. She was at a critical point in a relationship crisis and was having a make or break meeting with her partner that evening. She was meeting him in a public place and wanted my help because she didn't want to collapse in a puddle of tears.
"We started tapping... (...)