Unknown Spiritual Teachers

1. Apollonius of Tyana

When the Christian mob set fire to the Alexandrian Library, a few books escaped the flames. One of them was most important: "the Life of Apollonius of Tyana" by Flavius Philostratus. This book was secretly taken to the Near East for safety; and for over a thousand years it was preserved amongst the Arabians, in spite of all efforts of the Crusaders to destroy it. Later, this forbidden book was first brought into Europe from the East; and it was not until 1801 that the first complete English translation, from the Latin, was made, in spite of the opposition of the clergy. For in fact Philostratus presented Apollonius as the recognized world teacher of the first century, acclaimed throughout the whole Roman Empire and revered by all men, from slaves to Emperors.

According to Philostratus, Apollonius was born in year 4 BC, of a noble line descending from the founders of the city of Tyana. When aged 14, having studied several doctrines such as Platonism and Epicurism, he finally chose Pythagorism and abstained from animal food, wine, wollen clothes and the company of women, wore his hair uncut and retired in the Aegean temple of Asclepios.
In the Aegean temple, he learnt the art of healing, and it is said that he achieved wonderful cures. As his great master Pythagoras, he considered healing as the most important of divine arts. Under his direction, the temple became a centre of philosophy and religious science. His goal was to purify the cult in the temple, and to reform the ancient Greek religion from inside, by applying the Phytagorean precepts to the understanding of the spiritual truths that were the basis of esoteric mysteries.
He finally took a vow of silence for five years in order to obtain the last Pythagorean initiation. He then journeyed to India - from which Pythagoras, five centuries earlier, had brought the Himalayan wisdom back to Greece.

On his way he met with Damis who followed him to Tibet where he met, according to Philostratus, "Brahmanes who live on Earth but do not belong to this world, and dwell in strongholds without walls; and they possess nothing but have everything". Damis described these wonderful men as strict vegetarians living on fruit and vegetables, dressed in linen and wearing nothing of animal origin. They kept their hair long, a custom from which they gained physiological and psychological advantages, they said. They taught him that there are not four, but five elements, the fifth being the ether "which we must consider as the very substance of the gods; for as the mortal creatures inhale the air, the immortal and divine natures inhale the ether". For these initiates, the word "salvation" meant spiritual and physical health.
Apollonius saw them perform a large number of miracles identical to those which later were attributed to the Messiah in the New Testament, such as exorcism, the healing of a crippled man, of a blind man. They were highly clairvoyant, practised remote viewing, could discern the past and the future, and could perceive a person's past lives. Apollonius brough their teachings to the West under the form of the Buddhist gospels named "Diegesis" or "Original Gospel".

Back in Greece, Apollonius went from a city to another, visited temples where he restored the ancient mysteries. He re-educated the priests and abolished the custom of animal sacrifices. He pronounced many discourses in which he spoke of immortality of the soul: "The soul is immortal [...] When the body is worn out, the soul surges forth like a fast horse jumping over the barrier, and it rushes through the ethereal spaces..." In Rome, he became the counselor of emperors. He prophesised several events that came true. Put to jail, he escaped by teletransporting himself to another place 200 kilometers away... Around year 99 BC, Apollonius entered a hidden temple, in Ephesia and disappeared, never to be seen again. Later, his disciples were called the Apollineans; during three centuries they venered him, adopting his vegetarian diet and his Pythagorean lifestyle.
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The Life of Apollonius of Tyana,
by Philostratus (read online or download full text in:)http://www.sacred-texts.com/cla/aot/laot/index.htm

Controversy: According to the thesis of Dr R.W. Bernard (1964), Jesus was put in Apollonius' place.

In the beginning of the IVth century of our era, under Roman emperor Constantine, the pagan priests of Rome saw that their religion was in a state of advanced decay and was daily losing hold on the masses, while the cult of Apollonius kept spreading, threatening the vested interests of Rome; they therefore decided to create a new religion. They imagined a Messiah whose life and teachings, taken from those of Apollonius, would be less radical than his strict Pythagorean doctrine, and more acceptable to their emperor. They especially suppressed his vegetarianism and his abstention of wine. Writers were appointed to re-write the Gospels, and so was the Christian religion created on the basis of the most collossal deception of our history. Then, the task of the Roman churchmen was to destroy all records concerning Apollonius and his followers during the first three centuries, so that the world might forever be kept in darkness concerning this huge hoax; and they antedated their creation by three centuries.
There is absolutely authentic historical evidence of the life of Apollonius. On the other hand, we have no authentic evidence of the existence of Jesus. We therefore are forced to admit that, if one of those two characters is fictitious, and an imitation of the other, it seems that Jesus is the fiction, while Apollonius is the true historical character.
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In historical facts, we find that in 1520 Pope Leon X was very well aware of the truth behind Christianism, probably because of his high rank in the Church's hierarchy. He made this strange declaration: "How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us! (Quantum nobis nostrisque ea Christo fabula profuerit, satis in omnibus seculis notum.)"


2. Peter Deunov

The Master Petar Deunov is amongst the most famous personalities in Bulgarian history and spiritual culture.
The principal topics in his lectures and talks are: man's place and role in the Universe, in Nature and Society, the spiritual understanding of Culture, Ethics, Psychology, Medicine, Music etc.He gives exercises for breathing, meditation and concentration.
He founded the Paneurythmics, which is played nowadays in USA,Canada, France, Russia, Kongo and other countries in the world.
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According to Peter Deunov, it is not correct to say that God created the world, or that God created man. In fact, the Divine World has always existed. It is reflected in four worlds – the material, astral, mental and causal worlds - which manifest themselves consecutively. They are called the worlds of change. In the physical world the law of evolution operates and the human being strives for perfection, whereas in the astral world the involution operates and the human being prepares for being born anew.
With respect to the existence, God is transcendent and immanent, an unchangeable absolute, a central monade and simultaneously manifesting himself by giving form and life to everything, an ever creating Logos. As an absolute, he is the first origin of everything, containing the unity of all souls, head of human spirit. In his manifestation God is the unique and eternal existence, the universal life, the creative love, the higher conscience or the “conscience of the unity”.
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The Master Peter Deunov is the adept of the involution and the evolution as a supreme and basic manifestation of the absolute, as a general law of universal life dominating everything. (In this respect his ideas resemble those of the yogas, the theosophs and the modern occultists). In his doctrine he follows also the main ideas of the karma and the reincarnation of souls. For him these are tested and indubitable truths of life.
According to the Master existence is not accomplished with the so-called “material world” of tridimensional space. It manifests itself simultaneously in higher fields and worlds – astral, mental, causal and so on.... The powers of each higher field, being thinner and more spiritual, penetrate the lower one and create an integrated existence, an integrated life of the universal spirit.
For the Master Peter Deunov the feelings and the thoughts in the higher worlds are as real as the objects in the material world. They are living powers, which destroy and create. The supreme creative powers are the supreme cosmic or Divine conscience, the Divine thought and the Divine Love. The further in his evolution a spiritual being is, the greater these powers' presence is in him.
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Health as a basis for physical and spiritual harmony of every man is one of the most important subjects in the lectures and talks of the Master Petar Danov. According to him it means "a conscious, organized life in conformity with the universal and natural laws". Health depends on four essential qualities which everyone has to possess: these are strength of spirit, kindness of soul, light of mind and tender-heartedness. They are the result of: faith, will, thought, movement, respiration, nutrition, attitude toward music, meditation etc.
By reading and putting into practice the Master's recommendations many people would solve their health problems and even better - they wouldn't admit to have such problems.
For more specific information and exercises:
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3. IJP. Appel Guery

"Self-rebuilding is contact with the reality of the imaginary".
"There exists a striking analogy between traditional metaphysical teachings and the most recent productions of science. Quantum physics acknowledge the existence of an "implicate" universe, of which the material "explicate" formalised universe is but a manifestation. What we call "intra-universe" corresponds to the invisible architectural weave of the creating Word. It underlies the material creation.
As long as human beings are projected toward the exteriority of these inner operations, they can only have a partial conception and intervention within the frame of the mortal structural reality of this universe. Most human beings spend the largest part of their lives in this exteriority, and never regain awareness of the intra-universe that connects them to Unity. Their problems of consciousness, and of settlement in the plane of forms, are only some mortal transitory elements of an immortal ineluctable system that is permanently at work, in which each individual is participating with more or less consciousness. Around all this, in their diversity, the human beings have an incomplete conception of truth. What is really taking place can be understood solely by those who manage to become integrated in this system of consciousness and energy". (IJP Appel Guery)

Excerpts from an interview with IJP Appel Guéry:

T.R. - What does that mean when someone is called "a contactee"?
IJP. Appel-Guery - A "contactee" is a person who experienced this communication, or who were able to be partly or completely integrated in another dimension of energy or of consciousness. Each human being is likely to resonate with the many dimensions of Spirit, of the soul, and of the matter. Wether we are conscious of it or not, in our daily life, we ceaselessly create correlations between those dimensions, along with transfers of energy from one plane into another.
Many people have already been contacted. Some have remained silent either from fear of being ridiculed or from the threats they have suffered. However others have spoken up, trying to relate their experiences with the masses either through literature, specialised conferences or even with film-scripts.
This is how Eugenio Siragusa, George Adamski, Billy Meier, Jean Miguières and many others, less publicly known, have attempted to relate their experiences of extraterrestrial contact with solid evidence and backup knowledge. These courageous men and women have contacted many people and they have often been the subject of miscellaneous persecutions. Nothing has changed in many thousands of years whether it be in the domain of the sciences, religions, philosophies or arts. Nonetheless strange or unexplained happenings have occurred and instigated numerous debates regarding their validity and rationality.

T.R. - Can you mention precise examples of contacts?
IJP. Appel-Guery - Consul Alberto Perago described a secret contact that is supposed to have occurred between American President Kennedy and extraterrestrials as part of the second phase of a programme that these extraterrestrials had titled "Operation Saras".
American president Carter himself reported his meeting with a spacecraft in 1969. In an official NICAP document the former president stated: "It was an unidentified flying object. There is no doubt. There are tons of official documents in the secret national archives treating this subject and when I have become President, I repeat, I will make publicly known their existence. The public has the right to know! It is more than probable that a stellar civilisation is trying to enter into communication with our planet. We cannot close our eyes to the reality of an existing life form no matter how disquieting it might be!"
On december 1969, when landing on the moon, the astronauts were welcomed by very large spaceships. That is why the pulse of James Lowell passed from normal to 120, and his message was suppressed fom the public broadcast for so-called technical reasons.
Some years ago, in France, Dr. Phillipe Scheyder presented to the press, and to certain members of the cabinet of French former Secretary of State Charles Hernu, a filmed document recorded during the night of December 19 to 20, 1978. Near the Island of Jade, the movements of an unidentified flying object are clearly distinguishable according to American specialists.
On Thursday, June 18, 1981, at the Ministery of the Plan in Moskow, cosmonaut Kovalyonok projected a very much detailed motion picture in from of 200 high-ranking Russian people, depicting the contact that took place, 400 kilometres away from the Earth, between Salyut 6 and a 8-metre-large extraterrestrial sphere containing large-eyed humanoids.
A multitude of examples exist as an evidence of ongoing contacts between the Earth's civilisation and those of extraterrestrial origin.

T.R. - Why is the public given so little information?
IJP. Appel-Guery - Of course, there exists a very strong cover-up of this information, coming from religious, political and economical authorities. As an example, nuclear physicist Friedman revealed the existence of a secret rule saying that any American aircraft pilot who would have given interviews on UFO's would be sentenced to a file of 15,000$ and to 15 years of jail. Very complex reasons can justify this silent attitude. It is true that we already have many problems to solve on our planet, and therefore, many leaders believe that they cannot add more problems coming from elsewhere! Others believe that well-organised contacts with representatives of more advanced extraterrestrial civilisations would be very useful to help humankind leave the current, very difficult atomic time; others again believe that extraterrestrials would offer advantages to one powerful country against the others. Nevertheless, who can prove that those kinds of contacts have not yet been taken with government representatives of certain nations?

T.R - What is the message received by these contactees?
IJP. Appel-Guery - The general message received by contactees is the following: At this point in human history, it is over-important to abolish the unbalance that exists, stemming from a scientific development without scruples, and from a conscience-lacking science. In other words, precisely, too much power was given the human race compared to its level of consciousness and cosmic responsibility.

T.R. - Which solutions do you suggest?
IJP. Appel-Guery - It is necessary to mitigate the consequences of the current crisis of human consciousness by trying to induce, through a psycho-physiological development, the blossoming and maximum development of the perceptive potentials and comprehension of each individual upon the planet Earth.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to remember that a child can grow his or her maximum potential solely when living in an environment where emotional and social exchanges are numerous and positive while simultaneously adapted to their particular resources of sensitivity and comprehension. This is why it is primordial to envision helping others to escape their psycho-mental isolation and help the present earthly society pass from the state of a consumption civilisation to that of a communication civilisation. Individuals find themselves in groups of research and action, as these groups are created alternatively throughout the world, and this is producing a communion of essence, sensitivity and inspiration. A new form of communication is under construction resulting equally from mental reasoning and vibratory resonance. In addition to the traditional forms of written and spoken communication we add another possibility that takes into consideration the sensitivity of each individual in his or her place and correspondence in the energy balance of the universal weave.
If numerous individuals sensitised to this form of communication get together, they create a space of contact favourable to the intervening presence of different levels of consciousness, which generates a telepathic consistency rather than a traditional, dialectic form of exchange.

T.R. - What is the goal of all this?
IJP. Appel-Guery - We are gradually moving towards a form of communication which is closer to the future of the human race and of the super-terrestrial consciousness dimensions connected to more advanced civilisations, and we might call it: communion. We come to the conclusion that absolutely everything in the universe is related and consequently, we can understands that 'chance' or ‘accident’ or 'random' simply do not exist. It is merely a particular lack of consciousness which keeps people from perceiving the endless cycle of cause and effect in all situations of their life.

T.R. - Can an Encounter of the Third Type be real?
IJP. Appel-Guery - Today, There is a large number of individuals who carry on a permanent contact, more or less consciously, with consciousness entities of an extraterrestrial origin. These entities manifest in various forms: encounters of the first type (a simple observation of a UF0 or reception of telepathic messages), encounters of the second type (sighting of an alien spacecraft on the ground or in movement with material traces or proof left behind), or encounters of the third type (an apparition of more or less dense beings whose vibratory milieu of existence can be more or less similar to that of earthly human beings).

(Excerpts from an interview published in TAHITIRAMA, 1990)

To People of the Earth

"Earthlings! Why all this money spent on weapons? Why those monetary crises and energy breakdowns?

"You live for profit instead of living for Beauty, Goodness and Truth! Put the money at the service of these values, and you will obtain true happiness, which is inner peace...

"Your religions are but deformed or degenerate transcriptions of the Ultimate Principle and of the Hierarchies... Instead of trying to be connected through inadequate dogmatic links, unite your personality with the primeval Source!

"Your technology pollutes the environment and degrades the beings' body and psyche... Do not serve profit, but evolution! ... The future progress of humankind will come from those who will become reconnected to true science, philosophy, art and religion all together in a synthesis attuned to the original Cosmic Order!

"Your forms of government correspond to incomplete visions... Capitalism and communism call for a new synthesis that will re-balance the distribution of private ownership without suppressing it... The new politics should integrate the cosmic dimension of existence, and the notion of evolution.

"Your form of education is complete mental attack on children, preventing them from knowing who they cosmically are. They are given too much useless information, and they are not put in contact with some extraordinary writings and knowledge that could allow them to understand their place in the creation.

"In ancient times, wars used to stimulate courage and discipline, suppress inapt populations, and extend civilisation by forcing away soldiers filled with the God of War. Nowadays, the immoderate destruction force of weapons stimulates no courage at all, but puts the planet at risk of being destroyed... The true fight should be a pacific industrial scientific and social conquest to master the matter, and to allow the human beings to free themselves from slavery and to live true spiritual values."

(Excerpted from "EDENA", a comic-strip by IJP. Appel Guery and Gir-Moebius)

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