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All my life, I was interested in the most hidden, fascinating or efficient knowledge I could find around me.

I kept meeting very interesting people with outstanding personalities who had created their own art or science.

I started with psychology in France in the sixties, studying the work of Carl Rogers who was totally misunderstood (and almost banned) in that country. During that period of time, I was a student of French psychiatrist Louis Corman, the inventor of "morphopsychology", a system allowing you to guess a person's character from the shape of their face and hand. He was a very original person, and also the creator of smart diagnosis tools for children's psychological issues, such as the "Patte Noire Test". At 72, he still directed his own clinic for children at the local mental hospital in spite of the administration wanting him to retire.

In the seventies, I studied at Etienne Decroux's School of Pantomime in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris (France): another exceptional man, the creator of modern pantomime and Marcel Marceau's teacher, who at 65 still demonstrated his own technique and tricks in front of the class in his blue and white basement.

That is why I was not surprised when I was told about IJP Appel Guery and his group, in Paris, in the beginning of 1977. He was a spiritual leader, in the sense that his work was to guide us towards God, but there was no written teaching at that time, and he only conducted unique "operations" of cosmic connection - in other words, moments in which there was really an opening into higher dimensions and you could physically feel it - and I really mean UNIQUE operations, as none of them was ever repeated, with no ritual at all, no prayers to chant, etc. We were encouraged to find our own way to contact our own Spiritual Father in a higher dimension, as the latter was our real spiritual guide. Telepathy and guidance from above were highly advocated, but also a grounded and responsible attitude towards the material world and society. The most important was not to be "spiritual", it was to be complete: below, here and above in vertical continuity.
These operations were never made public and never publicized. New members arrived only by word of mouth, and as new people joined, others who had been there for 5 or 7 years freely left, finally preferring a steadier, more ordinary lifestyle, as the rythm of those contacts with superior dimensions of consciousness was quite rapid compared to what is considered "normal life" in society.
At the end of the eighties, written teaching elements finally emerged, as each one of IJP Appel Guery's lectures were thoroughly recorded on tape. Basic teachings can be found by registering in the web site:

The "Unitary Science of the Intra-Universe" also was telepathically received at that moment (1986). It is a whole set of 144 chapters of telepathic language explaining what a human being should do during the earthly lifetime to prepare for the after-life, and to build the body of immortality. If your body of immortality is complete, when in the after-life you no longer need to return into incarnation in a body of flesh, you can live in the upper worlds forever. Building this immortal body is the final goal of our mortal life.
Nowadays, this originally French group of spiritual researchers has evolved into an international community of several hundreds of members in more than 20 countries, with different levels of involvement for people to choose from.

I am a member of the Unitary Science Institute, a workshops teacher and a translator. (Incidentally, whoever would like to help me with my translations of IJP Appel Guery's teachings from French into English is warmly welcome).
If you feel like you should become a member of the Unitary Science Institute, just ask me.

As I continued to look for the most interesting people and teachings on the planet, I discovered EFT in 2007 - created by Gary Craig, another very exceptional man certainly (I did not meet him personally though) - and I did my best to get training in this wonderful emotional healing technique, making it part of my own totality. It is a very useful tool to release the stress of daily life and to dig into hidden or forgotten parts of your psyche to become more conscious of who you are as a whole. Healing the traumas of childhood allows you to become a more mature person, and therefore, to react more responsibly and calmly and to be more open when faced with new, unusual events such as the strong energies of cosmic connection (instead of reacting because of old "writings on your walls" telling you how things "should be"!)


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