Wednesday 15 April 2009

Anger clearing with EFT

A client resolves lifelong anger on her own

"Hi Everyone,
"This thoughtful article by Mair Llewellyn-Edwards of the UK illustrates a client's choice to use EFT for both herself and her family for long standing anger issues. The client's Grandmother sums it up by saying, "I now no longer blame others or myself, tapping has let me let go".
Please note the client's use of our "Borrowing Benefits" technique as well as a few of my own comments. Hugs, Gary"

By Mair Llewellyn-Edwards:

"Following her boyfriend's recommendation, "Susan" came to me 5 months ago for help with anger management. The boyfriend, "Carl", had used EFT successfully twelve months earlier for a flying phobia.

"I am always a little cautious working with a client who is sent by someone else because I want it to be their decision. However, I need not have worried about Susan she was very motivated to come. It was obvious that she had thought long and hard about working on this problem.

"Right from the onset of meeting her, I knew this meeting was different. Here was a very determined person wanting to sort out an anger problem that had plagued her for years... (...)"


GC COMMENT: "Anger is also a major cause of our physical ailments. It is well known that our emotions trigger a wide variety of chemical changes in our bodies and our "anger chemicals" can be particularly devastating..."