Saturday 14 November 2015

The Inner Light

The Inner Light

To keep hope in your heart.

Music and text can be found on

I love these videos on sweet images created by Helene Ladouceur "The sweet one"!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Do Yourself a Favour

Do Yourself a Favour

you deserve it.

Treat yourself to a PSIO.
When the sky turns grey, get MORE SUN, MORE COLOUR, MORE LIGHT!

Get a fantastic device that can help you meditate, grow and live a stress-free life.

PSIO is an innovative, simple and effective solution to rediscover optimum well-being.
Equipped with a MP3 player, PSiO is a pair of glasses which combines music or relaxation by voice with light stimulation.

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Shock-full of cutting-edge technology,
the PSIO glasses will change your life.

Sunday 1 November 2015

Brain Magic: Tick your Amygdala

Your brain is fantastic!

Watch this video and learn how to get more happiness, balance and love by "clicking your amygdala" forwards - instead of letting your amygdala trigger fear and the "flight or fight" reflex in the reptilian brain. This exercise will help you avoid a lot of stress on a daily basis.

Neil studied and worked for 11 years with TDA Lingo at Colorado's Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory, established in 1957. He is a writer and a musician. Find his books and music on his website