Saturday 25 April 2009

EFT SPECIFICS: What if you can't say "I accept myself"

Many people report having difficulties to use EFT's default setup sentence:
"Even though I have this... (name the issue)..., I deeply and completely accept myself".

No problem: You are not obliged to keep any formulation for yourself, you are always free to change it according to your intuition.

For instance, say:
"...., I am open to the possibility of resolving this issue some day..."

Dr Patricia Carrington got even more specific when she created her wonderful CHOICE METHOD, introduced by Gary Craig in the following page of his website:

Gary Craig:

"Celebrities appear to have it all--money, fame, power and the ability to wave their hands and have the world bend to their every whim. That may be so, at least from an outsider's perspective, but their inner worlds are just as prone to frailties as yours and mine.

"Dr. Patricia Carrington takes us on a unique tour inside a celebrity client of hers and develops not only several useful insights for us but also suggests a "choices" version of affirmations."


Dr Patricia Carrington:

I ’ve found that the "Choices" method can assist a client to consolidate and make permanent the beneficial changes brought about by EFT, thus helping these EFT-created changes to generalize to many aspects of the person’s life. When that happens, we see true transformation.
Let me give you an example.

"Tara" came into therapy for help with intermittent depression and marital problems. She is an accomplished singer who grew up in a world of theatre people... (...) When Tara came into therapy she acted as though she had "no identity" of her own... (...)

IF YOU CANNOT SAY "I deeply and completely accept myself"
if could be that you have a REJECTION and ABANDONMENT problem - either one of your parents died when you were very young, or there was rejection abuse. Check this with "The Missing Mother Handbook" with Carna Zacharias-Miller.

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