Sunday 22 April 2012

How to diffuse the stress in your life

Do you ever feel like life is getting more and more stressful by the day?

When your are chasing deadlines and you are fighting to-do lists, does it ever feel like the hours melt away faster than they should?

Why? This video is an eye-opener:



Crushing stress is a serious issue for many of us – and according to NY Times
bestselling author Cheryl Richardson, there are 13 ‘stress steps’ that you NEED
to watch out for:

1. You find it difficult to take your focus away from work, money, relationships,
family, whatever¹s bothering you.

2. Your amygdala (in your mid-brain) senses danger.

3. Your amygdala helps to initiate your body's fight-or-flight response to stress.

4. In "fight or flight", your body releases adrenaline and the "stress hormone" cortisol, which in turn diverts blood away from your digestive tract, leaving you less able to digest food or absorb nutrients AND more likely to gain weight.

5. In this physiological "crisis mode," you're more vulnerable to pain from chronic illness, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, stomach upset, and more.

6. In this state of heightened physiological "alert", your brain's creative center is deemed "non-essential" and shuts down, lowering your problem solving skills, your creativity, your intuition etc.

7. You feel increasingly irritable, isolated and impatient. Your relationships suffer.

8. Stress affects your sleep, your metabolism slows, and the weight stays.

9. Your body secretes even more cortisol, wreaking more havoc on your digestion (and waist line), increasing your blood pressure and lowering your immune system

10. After releasing too much cortisol for too long, your body goes into "adrenal fatigue". You consistently feel depleted, exhausted, and depressed

11. You no longer have the energy to adhere to your exercise routine, your healthy eating, meditation or yoga. Instead, these are replaced by migraines, insomnia, hair loss, chronic pain, and any number of other issues become regular parts of your life.

12. Battling low energy, you can hardly focus at work, and elsewhere. Your relationships suffer.

13. Your depression deepens. You (and your body) are STRESSED OUT.

Do any of the above statements resonate with you? Not to worry – watch this video in which Cheryl Richardson gives you a solution, explaining how to overcome these stress issues: