Friday 29 October 2010

Health and the Invisible Energy

New healing methods for new civilization diseases

There exist doctors who are not just Big Pharma's automatic prescription-writing machines.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has become a leading specialist on autism, brain diseases (Alzheimer's, MS...), heavy metals, neuro- and bio-toxicity (Lyme disease), EMF effects (from microwaves, cell phones, computers...).
He says:

"You are much more than just your physical body. You are also surrounded and penetrated by four other invisible energy bodies that work together to influence your overall health."

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D. Klinghardt's Fundamental Teachings
Video n°1 of 5 (7 factors and 5 levels of healing)

Advertising the use of muscle testing (kinesiology) rather than the current electronic investigation tools, he says: "Today, most patients react to anything electronic that is put on their body, and what you measure is rather their reaction to the instrument than the reaction to what you are trying to test on the patient".

Video n°2
Video n°3 (measurements of cell phone influence in a person's sleeping place - Lyme disease)
Video n°4 (Be your own healer - traumas)
Video n°5 (Unresolved conflicts, patterns in families, systemic healing)

(More videos by Dr Klinghardt can be found on YOUTUBE).