Wednesday 5 May 2010

Healthy Holidays with Cielazur Ibiza Apartments at Cala Martina

Healthy free time in the most famous Mediterranean destination

The island of Ibiza is famous for its clubs housing famous DJ's, but Ibiza is not just about clubbing: with its 56 beaches, such as Cala Martina for instance, it offers great natural water-and-sun healing and sport opportunities, and its inner countryside and hills are full of nice hidden trekking paths.

Moreover, Ibiza harbours an international community of healthy food and healthy life lovers from various countries who have chosen to make this island their home. Travellers can ask for any healing practitioner they may need: Ayurvedic massotherapist, chiropractor, life coach, beautician with plants, healer with Bach flowers, you name it.

For instance, if you rent a flat at Cielazur Ibiza Apartments in Cala Martina beach, you can prepare your own healthy meals. If you like rawfood, bring your juicer or mixer (with a power adaptor according to the country you come from) and live just the way you do at home. The Cielazur team will surprise you.

Rent a car and roam the whole island to go places and meet people. Health food stores can be found in every larger town. In covered markets and small shops, locally-grown veggies and fruit are sold every morning. In the countryside, visit organic farms and intentional communities. Everywhere, people speak your language, or at least, English. Ibiza is a very safe destination by world standards, and the most common cause of hospital admissions for travellers is not illness, but injury in road accidents. So, drive carefully and respect speed limits at any time, as you would at home.

Do not miss the Hippie Market in Es Canar on wednesdays and prepare for unusual evening events at Cielazur Ibiza Apartments, or at the beach bars at Cala Martina, or at the many event places that are all around: Las Dalias (exotic dances), Blue Marlin (flamenco), Cafe del Mar (chill-out music), etc.

You will be very happy in Ibiza. You can even find your soulmate there, or if you already have one, new friends; or a new personal growth opportunity. Who knows...
Cielazur Ibiza Apartments is open all year round. If you live in Europe, it is the perfect getaway any time you like, even for a few days. From other continents the flight time is longer and worth a longer stay... Happy and Healthy Holidays with Cielazur Ibiza Apartments at Cala Martina Beach!

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