Monday 30 November 2009


Join the Virtual Solstice Gathering for Meditation

on Monday, December 21, 2009

Universal Communion for Serenity in the World

It will take place in the "TEMPLE OF STARS"

at the moment of the Winter Solstice (in Northern Hemisphere) or Summer Solstice (in Southern Hemisphere).

Free Access to the TEMPLE OF STARS in this web page :

The encounter will begin at 17:00 GMT (18:00 Paris time)
as this year the Solstice occurs at 17:47 (or 05:47pm) GMT.

(Check your local time in this page: )

Voice communication through TEAMSPEAK
will be available. To install the small piece of software, go to this page:


The "TEMPLE OF STARS" is a virtual Meditation Room, open in permanence for you to go and meditate any time you like, alone or with friends.

This 3D temple will allow hundreds of people from all over the world to meditate together in the same virtual space at the moment of the SOLSTICE on DECEMBER 21, 2009.
If you have never entered a 3D virtual world, this is an opportunity for you to discover, very easily, what 3D worlds are and the fantastic possibilities they offer, reducing distance between people who have the same interests and quests.

You just have to click on the link and follow the indications, and you enter the Temple of Stars in minutes.